Orchidae is a simplified, enlarged form of an orchid, carved in white Statuary marble of Carrara.  Statuary marble is known for its translucency, and light penetrates this sculpture giving it a soft luminescence.  Orchids are known for their symbolic meaning. They are highly prized as the most beautiful of ornamental plants. Delicate, graceful and exotic, they represent love, luxury, beauty and strength.  In ancient Greece, they were associated with virility. White orchids symbolize purity and innocence. The base of this sculpture is a rough form of natural malachite. It has a natural brown surface and green rough malachite stone on all other surfaces.  Malachite is thought to be a powerful metaphysical stone, known as the “stone of transformation,” it is thought to clear energy and bring healing and transformation.

 21 x 16 x 19 inches, Circa 55 lbs  White Statuary marble of Carrara, natural Malachite base.. Unique Piece